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Mika Aoki  ’ Singing Glass ‘

Japanese artist Mika Aoki embraces the dichotomous nature of glass’s solidity yet fragility. She says of the translucent material: “Unless light shines on it, we can’t confirm the existence of it because it is transparent. But once the light shines on it, glass truly emanates a special presence.” In her series of works titled Singing Glass, the artist presents glass morphed into amoebic and otherworldly forms that leaves the viewer mesmerized. In any other medium, the pieces would lose their intrigue.

Looking through the sculptor’s portfolio, there is a surreal mix of science gone awry and fairy tale-like icy enchantment. In a number of her works, there are glass creatures and abstract figures encased within glass containers, like lab experiments. Because of the dual layers of clear elements, some of the structures within actually look like more like water bubbles. The other pieces that are not trapped within clear encasements, they echo the luminosity and sharp crystallization of ice.


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my hero
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my hero

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